Typically, our contracts are annual, with billing in advance on a monthly basis and no penalty for terminating the contract before its end date. Expenses incurred will be calculated pro rata for the time spent within the current billing period.

We recommend an annual contract for our service as it provides stability, greater commitment, thorough integration, and the possibility for effective strategic planning. However, our business executives can design hiring schemes tailored to your individual needs and discuss shorter options if you prefer, aiming to offer the flexibility and quality necessary for success in leveraging the platform to increase your urban intelligence.

The data generated by the client is the exclusive property of the client. We establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the beginning of the process to ensure the security of the information analyzed by Vikua.

The frequency of information updates depends on the client’s data sources and the expected analyses. Our team will provide mechanisms from the start to connect in real time to information sources, seeking an update schedule that adapts to the client’s reality and prioritizes high-frequency information.

Yes, our team provides support from the beginning of the process, aiming to facilitate the process of uploading data, connecting sources, creating users, and using the platform regularly in the client’s operations. We are committed to ensuring a smooth experience for our clients.

The data collected by Vikua is the exclusive property of the company, but clients can access visualizations, integrations, and analyses of this data through the Vikua Dashboard module.

Yes, we guarantee a high degree of reliability in the results due to continuous data updates, a rigorous analysis and quality control process, automated algorithms that detect inconsistencies in the data, and a team of data analysis experts constantly evaluating Vikua Data.

Our data integration and analysis processes are efficient and quick. In the first month, we evaluate and adjust the client’s data. In the second month (or even sooner, depending on the results of our data diagnosis), the platform begins to generate visualizations using artificial intelligence and our processing engines.

The confidentiality of your data is paramount to us. Our confidentiality agreement (NDA) and strict security policies guarantee the protection of your data throughout the process.

Additionally, we work with point-to-point encryption and use snowflake technology and have the necessary certifications, the Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) at the Moderate level. In addition, ITAR, SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS and HITRUST compliance validate Snowflake’s level of security required by industry, state and federal administrations.

We adapt to our clients’ business realities by connecting directly to databases, through APIs, or with frequent updates based on .CSV or Excel files. Our technical team will handle this integration securely, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

You can request multiple users on Vikua Platform according to your organization’s specific needs.

Data updates depend on the source and setup. We can configure automatic real-time or periodic updates as long as a data source that allows it is integrated into Vikua Platform.

Yes, you can assign different access levels to users so they can see specific information and protect sensitive data.

No, you do not need to acquire additional hardware for Vikua to access your organization’s data. Our platform integrates efficiently with your existing data sources, leveraging the infrastructure you already have instead of requiring additional hardware. This means you can start using Vikua and take advantage of its visualization, integration, and other services without needing costly investments in hardware. Our solution is designed to be accessible and adaptable to your current technological environment.

The expertise of our solid data analyst team is available for consultancy and to organize data and its different sources. The data will be evaluated, and depending on the complexity level of the information to be organized, the service may be included in the price of our packages or require an additional cost.

At Vikua, the confidentiality and security of your data are two of our principles. Consequently, under no circumstances do we share your information with third parties. Our policy is to protect the privacy and integrity of your data absolutely.

Only in the event that your organization decides to join as our data partner, we will share aggregated and behavioral data, never personal data from your database. This ensures that confidential information is fully protected while we help improve your decision making and urban operations. Your privacy is our priority.

A Data Partner is an organization or entity that collaborates with us at Vikua to enhance our analytical capabilities. This collaboration involves sharing specific behavior and urban pattern data, in an aggregated and anonymous manner, to improve our models and analysis. Participating as a Data Partner allows for a deeper understanding of urban challenges and helps drive more informed decision-making without compromising the privacy of personal data. It is a strategic partnership that contributes to advancing urban intelligence.

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