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Vikua Platform

Picture a streaming service for
city data?

Picture a streaming service for city data?

That’s Vikua Platform. We curate a steady stream of high-quality data and analytics that provide a collaborative optimized perspective driven by custom information securely.

To Business:


Precision that pays

Use our data intelligence to evaluate risks more effectively and offer more competitive policies adapted to the Latin American region.

Urban logistics

Say goodbye to traffic jams!

Our platform creates efficient distribution routes that will save you time and money in deliveries and transportation costs.


Put yourself at the heart of the community

Access urban data and demographic patterns to determine the best and most accessible locations for clinics and medical services.


Do you want your store to become undeniably attractive to your customers?

Use our Geomarketing analysis and business intelligence to understand updated demand data and optimize the location of your stores. We convert information into competitive advantages.


Financial and Risk Intelligence

-10% in payment default rates by enhancing risk assessment.


Sales Team Route Optimization

+15% increase in sales performance by reducing travel times and improving the selection of potential customers.


Supply Chain Efficiency

-20% in logistical costs through route and warehouse optimization.


Geomarketing Analysis

+30% increase in advertising campaign efficacy by targeting the most appropriate locations.


To Government:

Tax Intelligence

+25% increase in tax collection by identifying tax evasion and areas not optimized for collection.

Urban Planning

-15% in public expenses by optimizing services such as transportation and sanitation.

Security and Emergencies

-20% decrease in response time during emergencies through real-time data.

Mobility and Transportation

+10% increase in public transportation efficiency thanks to analyzing usage patterns and mobility.

We assist you with our

Vikua Platform modules

My Dashboards

Statistical visualization with descriptive information from multiple customer sources.

Vikua Dashboards

Data intersection between information owned by the client and urban data available on the Vikua Platform.


Inclusion of automated conclusions based on collected data and data available on the Vikua Platform.

Data Players

A web application where the client can perform prospective analysis and predictions for decision-making in their organization.

Organizations that
trust in us


We develop technology that allows capturing and integrating data from cities, helping governments in the management of urban services and in their decision making processes

Success stories

We develop technology that allows capturing and integrating data from cities, helping governments in the management of urban services and in their decision making processes

casos de exito


Application of the Tax Intelligence approach in the Sotillo Municipality was supported by the Vikua Platform and our technological tools. Data capture and visualization provided vital indicators, such as the concentration of commercial activities, null returns, areas to be audited, and specific queries about commercial activities. This solution provided the ability to define enforcement strategies based on observed patterns, representing a valuable tool for municipal tax administration, decision-making, and more efficient tax management.


The Tax Intelligence approach in Camaguan, supported by Vikua Platform, provides vital indicators such as concentration of commercial activities, null returns, areas to be audited, and specific queries of commercial activities. This solution offers the possibility of defining audit strategies based on observed patterns, resulting in a valuable tool for municipal tax administration, decision-making, and efficient tax management.

0-800 Bigote /Carabobo

It provides a comprehensive solution for the visualization and processing of detailed data on home medical care performed by the 0-800 Mustache Plan in Carabobo. Vikua Platform allows consulting operations based on attributes such as date of care, address of patients, and their medical condition. In addition, it facilitates geographic analyses that identify priority areas and sectors with the highest number of cases, thus improving process optimization and decision-making in the health service.


An advanced analytics strategic plan was implemented to identify optimal locations for new Vecino branches. Through the Vikua Platform, key variables such as competitors, customer origin, population density, and natural hazards were analyzed. This detailed view of the operating environment provided Vecino with valuable information for strategic decision-making and effective expansion planning.

Viva SuperCentro

Through the Vikua Platform, interactive advanced analytics dashboards were implemented for the visualization of sales and billing data in Viva Supercentro. These dashboards present key indicators such as total turnover, sales by product category, temporal and purchase patterns, and customer geolocation. In addition, visualization of findings and recommendations are offered in our insights module, providing a strategic and detailed view of the data.


Vikua Platform centralized the consumption of urban planning data and citizen requests in Jalisco. This made it possible to visualize the distribution of urban plans in the 125 municipalities, along with performance indicators. This approach drove a reorganization and standardization of data that had not been done previously. Committed to improvement, the modification and adaptation to the new format was initiated, anticipating benefits such as clear and statistical information on demands and tasks, thus establishing a solid foundation for future improvements.


Its focus on intelligent analytics, KPI monitoring, and data visualization through the Vikua Platform, enables Wawa to identify growth opportunities, maximize profitability, improve efficiency, optimize customer experience, maintain competitiveness, and plan routes. This strategy provides agile access to crucial metrics and facilitates agile and strategic decision-making to improve both operational and financial efficiency.


Its objective is to geo-reference map and analyze its national client portfolio through the Vikua Platform, including real estate and reinsured vessels, in addition to assessing the accumulation of risks by Crest Zone. This implementation not only optimized the use of time and resources but also streamlined timely decision-making and provided a clearer and more strategic visualization of information.

Provizo / UNICEF

Vikua, in collaboration with UNICEF, devised the Provizo platform for recording childhood vaccinations, allowing detailed monitoring of UNICEF centers, beneficiaries, vaccine types, doses, and lots. After a training and data capture phase, Provizo demonstrated outstanding benefits, being highly praised by medical staff and beneficiaries. Detailed reports were accessed through our insights module in the Vikua Platform.

Proyecto Covid – 19

Logistical planning for COVID-19 drug transport monitoring and tracking of medical vehicles was carried out. This initiative included the configuration of mobile applications for data recording and tracking, sensorization of vehicles, and generation of daily reports. They enabled efficient medication management, facilitating faster access to a larger number of people. The Vikua Platform was key to dynamically and strategically visualizing the information captured.

Plan de Accion Sapare

Successful implementation of an Integrated Solid Waste Management System as part of its municipal modernization strategy. This process included the design of digital forms for the identification of critical points in the Vikua Platform, training personnel in advanced technological tools, and constant supervision to ensure the quality of the information collected. In the insights module, detailed reports were prepared to facilitate strategic decision-making.


The Mayor's Office department in Barranquilla, linked to urban services, sought to integrate the real-time management of urban infrastructure with the Sustainable Development Goals. This process included a thorough data collection and development of a virtual catalog of urban assets. In addition, reports and documents were generated to move towards a smart city in Barranquilla, using the Vikua Platform to achieve a more dynamic and strategic visualization of information.

Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor

Through the Vikua Platform, it was possible to comprehensively monitor the progress and status of the numerous works managed by the institution throughout the country. To ensure a much more efficient and effective management, this strategy of data capture, visualization, and monitoring of operational processes optimized the use of available resources and streamlined decision-making.

Gobierno del Distrito / Caracas Digital

Design and use of technological tools, through the Vikua Platform, for effective management follow-up and control. Achieving real-time monitoring, supervision, and georeferencing of strategic points, and instant visualization of crucial results. The tools deployment and their skillful integration, streamlined internal processes, reduced delivery times with immediate access to information through our insights module, providing support to the 7 offices and more than 20 entities attached to GDC.


Field data capture applications were deployed, and connected to Vikua Platform, to make use of real-time visualizations of geo-referenced data collected in oil wells. Additionally, our insights module generated presentations of results and advanced analytical recommendations, allowing the efficient organization of key information, optimizing processing times and decision-making.

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